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Since 2011 HNL Systems have been leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of Gas Analyzers, and Gas Monitors for Plant and Personnel Safety and Quality Control Applications using 12 different Sensor Technologies to best fit the Instrument to the application

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We design, develop and indigenously manufacture Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS) and industrial safety equipments. We have more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, and proud to be part of ‘Make In India’ campaign. We have 2 manufacturing units, Pan India branches, service units and it is growing day-by-day.


Company Profile : We design, develop and indigenously manufacture Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS) and industrial safety equipments.

Data Acquisition Software

DAS is robust and can scale from a single station installation to a nation-wide installation of

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Personal Gas Monitor GD – 101

The advanced Micro controller technology employed makes these ALERT METERS highly dependable, reliable and accurate. The

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UV IR Flame Detector

UV Flame Amplifier / Relay ( Model UV – FR – 01 ) is used in

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UV Detector For Burner Control

UV Flame Amplifier / Relay ( Model UV – FR – 01 ) is used in

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UV / IR Test Lamp TL – 205

It is recommended that two people perform the testing procedures. One person will operate the test

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Ultrasonic Leak Simulator UG-100

The UG Sound Generator and the UL Detectors form a non-invasive leak detection system capable of

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Industrial Applications

Industrial safety and hygiene, Mining gas detection, Pollution monitoring, Quality control, Research & development, Source emission, Energy management, Moisture & dew-point, Flame, Fire & Smoke Detection.

Product Range

Single gas monitors (personal, portable and on-line), Multi gas monitors (portable, on-line and stations), Multi gas analyzers, On-line gas analyzer systems, Dust / opacity monitors, Wireless transmitters / sensing systems, Portable and fixed particulate monitors / stations, Survey instruments, Personal samplers, Calibrations units for field, etc.

Complete Monitoring Solutions

More than 70 different products, Round the clock protection from hazardous gases, vapors and particulate matters. Low budget or high end equipment, World class sensor technologies, Easily expandable modular structure, Analog or digital outputs, Reliable distributed system architecture, Intrinsically safe or explosion proof, Turnkey service, Expert applications & maintenance assistance.
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