Continues Emission Monitoring

Particulate & Dust CEMS

Broken Bag Detectors finds applications in a wide variety of industries where Detection and control of Dust levels are critical for the safety, maintenance, equipment operation, plant efficiency and/or the environment. It provides reliable and economical detection of leaks and filter failures in powder and bulk solids industries Broken Bag Detectors has LED visual indications and a relay output to maximize its user-friendliness and automation capabilities. It incorporates a specially designed adjustable damping system that increases its response time and prevents False alarms. For process flow application it is a reliable Flow / No-flow detector to monitor Flow disruptions of dry solids in bulk handling & pneumatic conveying applications
Single & Double Pass based Optical Instruments designed for monitoring Dust and Particulate concentrations (mg/m3) in the exhaust gas of industrial combustion or Air filtration processes, offer an ideal solution to your Emissions monitoring or Process control requirement. These continuous particulate monitors use either the standard obscuration opacity technique with zero and span checking or the innovative Dynamic Detection Principle technique which eliminates the need for zero and span checking through an immunity to drift with dirty optics.
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