Dustguard Particulate Monitor PM-250


Dustguard Particulate Monitor PM-250

Process Trend Monitor and Multi-Purpose Dust Alarm with display A real-time continuous indicative dust monitor with logging & alarm capability. Low-cost solution to monitoring requirements.

  • Quick & easy single point installation with no moving parts.
  • Low capital & maintenance costs.
  • High Sensitivity.
  • Can be calibrated to show emission levels in mg / m3.
  • Adjustable range from 1-1,000 mg/m3.
  • Minimum detection limit less than 1 mg/m3.

The Stack Guard series operate on the principle of Tribo – Electric charge transfer. The electrical charge carried by dust particles is captured by a highly sensitive Tribo – Electric probe, amplified and then transmitted to the control unit. As the current generated by the charge is proportional to the concentration of particles present, an indicative signal of dust presence results.

Stack Guard is most suitable for use in Low Humidity gas streams with reasonably constant flows. The Control unit is mains powered, & incorporates alphanumeric display with Adjustable alarm levels.

1. Dust levels at which the red LED light, an alarm is triggered
2. The emissions level at which the audible and visual alarm is triggered


Technique Tribo – Electric charge transfer
Sensitivity Adjustable over a wide dynamic range
Operating Temp (Gas) -15 to 250 °C (”T” Model up to 700 °C )
Ranges 1-1,000 mg/m³
Response Time Instantaneous
Duct Diameter 25 mm to 2.2 m
Positioning 90°C to Duct Wall
Output connector Single Flat Flanged Fitting
Material of Construction SS316
Probe Length 25, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 mm
Probe Diameter 16 mm
Insulation PTFE (T Model – Glass Ceramic)
Type WP Aluminum casting
Size 115 X 65 X 55 mm
Output 3 wire 4-20 mA
Area Suitable for Hazardous areas
Alarms Green – Normal
Averaging Time Yellow – Warning
Output – Remote Alarm Red – High Alarm
Output – Remote data (Optional) Programmable
Output & 4 – 20 mA
Digital out (Optional) RS 232 / RS 485
Housing ABS Polycarbonte


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