Ultrasonic Air / Gas Leak Detectors UL-100


Ultrasonic Air / Gas Leak Detectors UL-100

The USL 10 is an economical, handheld detector that offers high sensitivity and great sound quality in a compact package. Designed for use in areas of Low to Moderate Background Noise like.

  • R & D / Q.C. Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Engineering colleges
  • Commercial establishments

It represents the state of the art in ultrasonic technology for leak detection and preventive maintenance. It is extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of turbulence and friction that is associated with costly equipment faults. Using a technique called ‘heterodyning’, the USL 10 translates the otherwise inaudible ultrasound to a lower frequency where it can be heard through a set of headphones as wells as identified on a display. It delivers a clear ultrasonic sound reproduction making it possible to distinguish leaks.

This is a very versatile leak detector! The USL 10 is sensitive only to a specific band of ultrasound and is not chemically dependent. It can detect any gas (refrigerants, CNG, compressed air, nitrogen, vacuum and more) and doesn’t false alarm from stray gases. It is not affected by wind, sunlight or sudden temperature changes and does not require sensor replacement or calibration.


Display Alphanumeric graphic display
Frequency 40 kHz (+/- 2.5 Hz)
Sensitivity 65 dB uBar
Headset Dynamic 32 ohm
Power 9 Volt Cell
Battery Life (approx.) 50 hrs. Continuous
Case High impact ABS plastic
Size 119(H) X80(L) X 25(D)


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