Ultrasonic Leak Simulator UG-100


Ultrasonic Leak Simulator UG-100

Burst Mode: If the background noise is extremely loud in a particular area, using Burst Tone will make the output of the sound generator much easier to identify.

  • Quick & easy single point installation with no moving parts.
  • Low capital & maintenance costs.
  • High Sensitivity.
  • Can be calibrated to show emission levels in mg / m3.
  • Adjustable range from 1-1,000 mg/m3.
  • Minimum detection limit less than 1 mg/m3.
  • Ultrasonic Detector – with padded grip

The UG Sound Generator and the UL Detectors form a non-invasive leak detection system capable of finding leaks in enclosures, such as buildings, vessels, automobiles, walk-in freezers, or any other container that needs to be leak-free.

The Sound Generator is used to “pressurize” rooms and enclosures with its sound. This sound is above the human hearing range, and cannot be heard. It can penetrate through minute cracks, even ones that are not directly behind the leak point, and exit through it. It can thus trace the path air, or water will take to cause a leak. The Detector receives the ultrasonic sound that escapes from the leak point, processes it and displays its strength. The bigger the leak is, the higher the volume in the headset.


Frequency Control Precision Crystal Oscillator
Output Frequency 40 kHz (± 2.5 Hz)
Frequency ± 50 parts per million
Precision Voltage 1% Regulation
Output Intensity 115 db at 30 cm. (nominal)
Dual Mode Output Continuous or Burst Tone
Power 9 Volt Cell
Battery Life (approx.) 50 hrs. Continuous


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