UV / IR Test Lamp TL – 205


UV / IR Test Lamp TL – 205

The TL-205 is a rechargeable, hand-held unit that tests the response of the detectors with a highly accurate fire simulation that utilizes authentic ultraviolet and infrared radiation sources that can be used for periodic inspection of UV, single frequency IR and UV/IR flame detection systems. It produces UV and IR radiation to verify the response of the flame detection system without the need for an open flame and is suitable for use in hazardous (classified) areas. The test performed is identical to an Ultraviolet detector, an Ultraviolet/Infrared detector, or a Multi-spectral Infrared type of flame detector.

  • 15 kinds of electrical applications
  • Combined Heat and power plant
  • Thermal power plant
  • Nuclear power plants
  • LNG Base, airports
  • Oil and gas, oil refining, heavy industries
  • Iron manufacture, steel, shipbuilding
  • Automotive, military
  • Chemical and petrochemical

It is recommended that two people perform the testing procedures. One person will operate the test lamp, while the second person sets up the controllers and observes the response of the system to the test lamp.

Activate the test lamp and direct the centre of the light beam onto the centre of the window on the IR detector ( 0.5″ window) from a distance not greater than five feet from the detector window. This activation should produce IR counts greater than 20 on the controller’s display for infrared detectors. The controller should display an ultraviolet detector count that varies from a value greater than 100 to a value less than 50.


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