Dew Point Meter DP-102


Dew Point Meter DP-102

HNL’s Model DP-102 Dew Point Meter, a portable instrument is designed to measure the performance of compressed air and process drying systems. It is ideal for moisture monitoring in commercial and industrial applications.

Periodic monitoring of industrial Air systems results in a reduced maintenance cost & downtime caused by condensate, the leading cause of corrosion in pneumatic systems.

  • Handy and Light Weight
  • Instant Direct dew point reading
  • Digital Display
  • Over all range – 60° C TO + 30°C
  • Samples Pressure up to 12 kg/m3
  • Inbuilt Thin film water vapour sensor
  • Optional RS 232 Computer Interface & Data Logger

Air or Gas samples up to 12 kg/cm3 pressure and temperature up to 75°C can be directly measured. For higher temperature applications, a Heatsink tubing can be used. The meter can also be connected to a vacuum pump for sampling from systems at low or atmospheric pressure.

DP-102 measures the dew point precisely by utilizing a highly reliable microprocessor-based electronic circuit to convert the sensor signal by the use of psychometrics equations. Assembled in an ABS plastic housing, It has inbuilt sensor manifold with an orifice that means line pressure for true pressure dew point readings.


Principle Capacitive Thin Film Polymer
Dew Point Range – 60° C TO + 30°C
Moisture 0 – 23000 PPM
Accuracy +/- 2% of FS
Maximum Sample Temp 75°C
Maximum Pressure 12kg/cm
Response Time 10 Seconds For 63% Step Change
Display 3 1/2 Digit Lcd (Alpha Numeric)
Power Rechargeable Batteries
Inlet Sample Port 1/4” Od Tubing
Dimensions 196 X 100 X 40 mm ABS ENCLOSURE
Weight 1/2 KG
Computer Interface RS-232 link for Data in ASCII Delimited Format, 2400 Baud
8 Bits, 1 Stop, 1 Start, No Parity.
Data Logger 32 Kbyte, Non-Volatile Memory
Accessories Charger working on 230V AC 50 Hz,
Instruction manual, calibration test certificate,
Leather carrying case, 5LPM flow meter,
2 mtr teflon tubing


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