Wireless Transmitters TX-251


Wireless Transmitters TX-251

Special Features :

  • Programmable to desired parameters.
  • Individual configuration of each channel.
  • Continuous scanning for all channels.
  • 2 wire or 3 wire technology
  • Data Logger with Real Time Clock.

The HNL Model TX-251 (Blind / Weather Proof / Explosion Proof) receiver unit is configurable to wirelessly receive and process signals from up to 16 wireless transmitters.

It continuously scans all the channels and displays the readings in numerical order.

The Receiver controller goes through a comprehensive self test routine and display diagnostics read out of faults if any.


Display Graphic LCD Display
RF Frequency 2.4 GHz Or 865 MHz.
Operating Voltage 12 V DC or 110/220 VAC
Current 250 mAc 12 V DC
Compatibility HNL-SENSE Wireless Transmitter
Channel Extendable up to 16
Parameters Configurable according to transmitter parameters
Output RS-232 / 485, 4-20 mA
Relays 2 Dry Contact (5 Amp)
Protection Power EMI filter, surge suppression, 4-20 mA & RS- 232/485 surge suppression.
Antenna 6″ half wave dipole articulating RPSMA Antenna
Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Enclosure high impacted plastic or stainless still
Range 300-meter clear line of sight with the standard dipole antenna, extendable up to 3.0 Km using high gain directional antenna.
Warranty 1 Year (Hardware)
Optional Inbuilt data logger with a real-time clock. Comprehensive software to download and feature analysis of the recorded readings. Inbuilt GSM to transfer the data online

* Gases and Ranges are only indicative. Contact HNLSystems Pvt. Ltd. for special gas/ vapor or range


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