Wireless Repeater RC- 253


Wireless Repeater RC- 253

RC-253 is an innovative wireless gas detection system designed to monitor gas in a Hostile environment without the use of wires or conduit from the controller to the sensor.

  • Programmable to desired parameters
  • Continuous scanning for all channels
  • Individual configuration of each channel
  • Data logger with real-time clock

The HNL’s Model RC – 253 receiver unit is configurable to wirelessly receive and process signals from up to
32 wireless transmitters. It continuously scans all the channels and displays the readings in numerical order.
The Receiver controller goes through a comprehensive self-test routine and display diagnostics read out of faults if any.
ZIGBEE, a suite of communication protocols are used to create personal area networks built from small, low power digital radios. It’s a low power consumption receiver device with receiving distances of 10 to 300 meters line of sight.
ZIGBEE devices can receive data over long distances, bypassing data through a mesh network of intermediate receiver transmitter dev


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