Single / Multi Gas Alarm System GD-200


Single / Multi Gas Alarm System GD-200

HNL Model GD-200 a state of the art economical gas leak alarm system of modular construction. It is expandable to any number of channels for continuous monitoring of single or multi locations for the leak of toxic, smoke or explosive gases. It is designed primarily to monitor for high ambient gas conditions and is particularly useful for toxic gas monitoring of clean rooms or gas free areas, where there is the minimum possibility of the presence of other interfering gases. However, specific gas filters can be added on to the sensors to reduce the cross-sensitivity to undesirable background gases. It is a go/no-go type with adjustable three level alarms and is suitable for standard rack or panel mounting.


Each module/channel is a complete instrument in itself with its visual alarms & relay outputs, except for regulated power supply which is provided by the master power supply board. It has the corresponding detector of application specific type. The detector is mounted at the location of interest and senses the gas if any through diffusion. It responds to vapor or gas, toxic, explosive or smoke, with the proportionate change in electrical characteristics. This change is electronically amplified and used to operate the electronic switching circuits & relay contacts. Isolated relays with NO/NC contacts are provided for signaling alarm and malfunction conditions. Relay contacts could be typically used to actuate remote alarms, increase ventilation, shut off the gas supply, or shut down a process. A suction based sampling system being employed, the sensor’s detectors are of very sturdy construction, with weatherproof or ex-proof housings and are designed to serve for several years under normal operating conditions. When a sensor detects a concentration of gas or vapor above the first preset level, it actuates an ‘ON’ alarm LED. Further increase in concentration, other alarm LEDs will be progressively actuated. With this arrangement, the user can readily distinguish the area harboring a gas concentration and its levels.


Type Portable
Detectable gases/parameters O2, flammable gases, vapors and hydrogen
Electronics / processor Analog
Power supply Rechargeable battery 1.2 x 4 D size with charger
Display Numeric LCD (1999 digits)
Alarm Audio / visual
Sensor Technology EC / CC / TCD
Resolution 1 PPM / 1 %LEL / 1 %V/V
Accuracy ± 2 % for FS, 0.5 % O2
Response time Less than 15 seconds
Operating temperature 0 – 55 °C
Sampling Manual aspiration
Housing / case Cast aluminum
Included Accessories Leather case, PVC tube with filter, Aspirator
4 numbers rechargeable battery with charger
Dimensions 150 (L) x 100 (W) x 115 (H) mm


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