Handheld Gas Analyzer GA-100


Handheld Gas Analyzer GA-100


  • Portable, Rugged, Convenient and Economical
  • Self Calibration & Self Diagnostic
  • Displays Oxygen Content, Temperature Differential & Combustion efficiency instantaneously
  • Long Life Oxygen Sensor-specific for the combustion process. No adverse effect of acidic gases like CO, SO2, NOx etc.
  • Sturdy Chromel Alumel Thermocouple suitable for up to 1000 °C, 600 °C
  • Easy to learn and easy to use: Powerful microcontroller provides acoustic & visual messages for easy use

HNL’s GA-100 is a small, handheld and a convenient instrument to test & achieve optimum combustion efficiency in boilers & furnaces, a dire necessity in today’s world of ever-increasing fuel costs and a great value for money with the quick payback period of few months.

  • User Selectable Fuels – Oil, Coal, Gas
  • Discrete LEDs to indicate – FAULTS, FUELS, Operation Status, Parameter on Display
  • Automatic Self Calibration: Field Calibration is automatic & begins with every startup with fresh
    air aspirated instead of Gas sample
  • Automatic self-check for efficiency calculation: With aspirated fresh air specific percentage efficiency of the selected fuel is displayed as a check on its calculations
  • Self Supervisory Diagnosis: Continuously checks the status of:-
    1) Battery Voltage
    2) Sample Flow
    3) Oxygen Sensor
  • Sturdy stainless steel sampling probe with extension tubing for ease of measurement
  • The thermocouple in the tip of probe measures the temperature at a point of sampling to minimize error
  • Time-tested high suction inbuilt sampling pump acts against the draft. Supervisory circuit continuously monitors it against failure.
  • Inline Filter to Inbuilt Moisture & Dust, Disposable easy to replace filter element. Supervisory Diagnostic circuit continuously checks it against choking
  • Retains the readings till the next sampling
  • Compact Aluminum Housing
  • Rechargeable Ni-cad battery pack with charger
  • Maintenance & Spare Parts: Designed for maintenance-free operation.
  • Long Life Sensor


Power supply


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