HNL’s RP-250 is an innovative wireless gas detection system repeater designed to monitor gas in Hostile environment without the use of wires or conduit from the controller to the sensor.

    • Non intrusive calibration with MENU, ADD and SUB
    • Explosion and weather proof enclosure.
    • Rapid response and clearing time.


HNLS-2002 is self contained and battery operated. The sensor functions by transmission of radio wave messages to the Interface relayers, wireless monitor or gateway bridges or any other compatible receiving controller.

The device is field adjustable for interface with other systems. Features such as the relay/alarm tests and battery voltage indication make this device a truly remarkable gas detection system.


Wireless Sensor Assembly housed in a Explosion Proof Enclosure Division 1, Group C&D.
Uses electro-chemical or catalytic / solid state NDIR sensor with a two year warranty.
Radio frequency is 2.4GHZ 100m W for transmissions up to 3 miles line of sight.
Transmission frequency is every 1 minute without gas present and every 5 sec. with gas present above the set background level
3.6 Volt Lithium “D” size battery and has a life of approximately one year (With Ec sensors) 12- 24V for catalytic bead, semiconductor, IR sensors .
Field adjustable address and background gas level.
Relay (alarm) test mode.
Non-intrusive calibrations push button backup system for all sensor functions.
Digital Display
7″ Dipole straight Antenna and Antenna Fitting.
Background Adjustment : 1 – 20 ppm

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