The HNL Flame Detector is a compact and highly responsive Flame / Fire Detector. The Unit incorporates an extremely sensitive sensing circuit that responds to high energy sources in a bandwidth of 185 – 260 nm with optimum spectral sensitivity centred around 200 nm.
    Thus HNL Flame Detector is the most effective in early detection of a fire before they can possibly cause damage. In contrast, other types of detectors operate at a disadvantage. Smoke detectors do not operate until the fire has developed into a sufficient size to accelerate smoke along with strata of hot air rising to the detector.
    It is particularly suitable for use in outdoor applications because it is not affected by wind or rain. Various models
    to detect & control the presence or absence of flame are available.


UV-IR Flame Detector is a combination of a UV and IR flame detector which utilizes a microprocessor for sophisticated electronic signal analysis. When a UV optical sensor is integrated with an IR sensor, a dual-band detector is created that is sensitive to the UV and IR radiation emitted by a flame. The combined
UV-IR flame detector offers increased immunity over the UV detector, operates at moderate speeds of response, and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. As with UV detectors, however, the detection range of these instruments may be reduced by heavy smoke.

  • Sensitive to virtually all fires including
    Hydrogen and Hydrocarbon
  • Relay Output
  • MODBUS (Optional)
  • Virtually immune to:
    1. Direct & reflected sunlight
    2. Artificial Light source
  • Self-diagnosis including sensor check
  • Ex-Proof / Weather-Proof


TechnologyUV – IR
Model no.UV-IR 250
Response time< 3 seconds
Adjustable Time Delay3 or 6 seconds
Cone of vision120° minimum
Optical Self-TestAutomatic continuous optical path
Input Power20-35 VDC, 125 mA standby, 230 mA alarm @ 24 VDC
Relay Contact Ratings2 amps @ 28 VDC or 300 VAC resistive
Alarm ResetAutomatic or manual when the flame is no longer detected
CommunicationAvailable with optional MODBUS (RS-485) facility / HART
Operating Temperature-40°F to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Dimensions125 X 125 X 71 mm
WeightApprox. 350 grams (Weather Proof) / Approx. 2 kg (Ex-Proof)
ComplianceEN 54-10, CCOE, SIL2, FM, ATEX, Vibration test

Note: Specifications and Features will vary with application. The above are established and validated during design but are not to be construed as test criteria for every product. Due to HNL’s commitment to research, design and product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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