The HNL UV Detector is a compact and highly responsive Flame / Fire Detector. The Unit incorporates an extremely sensitive sensing circuit that responds to high energy sources in a bandwidth of 185 – 260 nm with optimum spectral sensitivity centered around 200 nm. The Ultraviolet radiation is the fastest method of Fire detection because the first energy released from a fire source is the ultraviolet. This energy travels through air at the speed of light and it is not
    dissipated by air currents.

    • Highly Sensitive – detects cigarette lighter flame from 5 meters.
    • Scans an area instead of spot detection.
    • Fast Response Time.
    • Weatherproof / Explosion proof housing.
    • Designed for use in hazardous / non-hazardous locations.
    • Low power consumption 24 V DC / 230 V AC Operation.


Thus HNL-UV Detector is the Most effective in early detection of fire before they can possibly cause damage.
In contrast, other types of detectors operate at a disadvantage. Smoke detectors do not operate until the fire has developed to a sufficient size to accelerate smoke along with strata of hot air rising to the detector.
It is particularly suitable for use in outdoor applications because it is not affected by wind or rain. Various models to detect & control the presence or absence of flame are available.


  • Wherever highly combustible material is involved.
  • Where there is a need for an instantaneous response to flame.
  • Whenever unsupervised areas require automated fire protection.
  • Whenever there is a large capital investment to be protected.


  • Gasoline Transport Loading Terminals
  • Pipeline Pumping Station
  • Marine Engine Rooms
  • Tank Forms
  • Furnace & Boilers
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Airports
  • Aircraft Hangars & Refueling Areas
  • Offshore Drilling & Production Platforms
  • Stack Flare Controls
  • Computer Rooms
  • Gas Turbines
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
  • Refineries
  • Turbine & Rocket Engine Test Facilities
  • Underground Stores/Tunnels System


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