The RC-200, a NEMA 1 rack / panel mount, modular plug-in design including modular power supply, 2 to 8 channel / 19” rack capacity, discrete analog 4 – 20 mA outputs, discrete or zoned alarm relays (2 alarms per fault), status and parameters accessible via RS 485 (optional), compatible with PLCs, SCADA and DCs, compatible with all types of transmitters, alarm disable, alarm silence function.

    • Rack / Panel mount, easy to install
    • Multi-point, Multi-gas receiver controller system
    • Standard output of 4-20mA per channel, Relay
    • Adjustable FAULT, LOW, and HIGH Visual alarms
    • Rack mount, Plug-in design, up to 8 transmitter inputs per rack
    • Red LED – 3 digit, 7 segment for gas level
    • Optional NEMA 1 housing Rack / panel enclosure


The model RC-200, is a microprocessor based fixed gas detection system designed to accept the inputs from remotely located oxygen, combustible or toxic detector transmitters. The system is designed to provide continuous round-the-clock monitoring for a variety of common atmospheric hazards. It utilizes a point to point writing architectures, whereby each detector alarm/shutdown device and remote system is individually wired to the control unit. This is best choice for small systems, typically less than 20 points, where the sensors are located in relative close proximity to the central control unit.

The system is designed for easy expansion by means of plug-in sensor module. Remote TX – 250 transmitters are available in non explosion proof or explosion proof versions. Both versions can be with or without digital readouts.

The system includes built-in digital readouts at the controller. Other standard features includes – two independently adjustable alarm set points per channel, bright LED alarm light indicators and relay contacts for fault, low and high alarm conditions, common and channel specific 4 – 20 mA analog outputs for communicating sensor data to other systems.

HNL’s Model RC-200 rack/panel mount control enclosure along with micro controller based digital control modules is designed to serve as a host control system for remote mount gas detection sensor transmitters. The single channel modular designed can be configured for any combination of gases. All control modules are plug in front panel accessible for easy maintenance and repair. A “Blank Plate” can be installed on any unused channel until that channel is needed at some future date.

The module RC-200 includes an integral and modular power supply, three digit indicator serves as both a power indicator and a direct reading display of the gas concentration. Alarm set points are software adjustable in 1 PPM / % increments, across the range of detection. The reset switch resets all alarm relays.


Sensing Rangemg/m³ (optional, for other, please contact HNL)
Detectable gases / parametersAll from Transmitters
Sensor TechnologyAll sensors
Power230 V AC
Signal output4-20 mA per channel; Relay
Sampling input4-20 mA from Transmitter
Operating temperature0 – 65°c
Humidity95% non-condensing
Dimensions3 U, 19 Inch rack
Power consumptionLess than 5 watts per channel

Note : Specifications and Features will vary with application. The above are established and validated during design, but are not to be construed as test criteria for every product. Due to hnl’s commitment to research, design and product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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