RFD-2000X detects the UV radiation emitted at the instant of ignition. It is capable of detecting fires and explosions within 3–4 milliseconds and a time delay of 2 -3 seconds are included to minimize false alarms which can be triggered by other UV sources such as lightning, arc welding, radiation, and sunlight.

    • Inbuilt Ultraviolet and infrared spectral response
    • 100 Feet (30 m) fire detection range
    • Horizontal and verticle 90° field of view typical 5 seconds response characteristics
    • RS-485 communication output
    • Stainless steel SS-316 enclosure material
    • 1.8 W maximum power consumption
    • EMC protected, electromagnetic compatibility
    • Self test, Waterproof, Explosion-proof


Infrared flame detectors monitor the infrared spectral band for specific patterns given off by hot gases. These are sensed using a specialized fire-fighting thermographic camera. A single-frequency IR flame detector is typically sensitive to wavelengths around 4.4 micrometers, which is a spectral characteristic peak of hot carbon dioxide as is produced in a fire. The usual response time of an IR detector is 3-5 seconds.

RFD-2000X are sensitive to both UV and IR wavelengths and detect flame by comparing the threshold signal of both ranges. This helps minimize false alarms.


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