When air or gases escape through leaks, ultrasonic noises are generated. By using UL detectors leakages in the ultrasonic range can be detected even from distances of several meters.

    The use of UL series detectors for regular inspection of engines, pumps, steam traps, etc. for detecting and preventing leaks guarantees a longer operational life of the machinery.

    • Predictive Maintenance
    • Energy Savings
    • Leak Detection.
    • Integrity Testing
    • Steam Trap Assessment.
    • Critical Valve Diagnostics
    • Electrical Arcing
    • Corona Discharge


UL- series Ultrasonic Detectors work by detecting and converting the high-frequency sound associated with turbulence, friction and arcing in industrial and commercial systems down to the audible range where they can be heard in the headset and viewed on the meter. Translation is done by HETERODYNING i.e. comparing the incoming signal with the one that is generated by the meter. UL-102 is most sensitive to sounds around 40KHz & 30KHz while UL – 101 is most sensitive at 40KHz, that’s twice the frequency of the best human hearing. Because UL series is focused on a specific band, sounds from wind, traffic etc will not be detected. Exact frequency focus allows for precise leak detection and Bearing defect discovery.

An optional efficient integrated data logger enables the rapid transfer of data between the device and the computer via a USB interface.
The optional Ultrasonic transmitter can be used to detect leaks in systems at ambient pressure like vehicles, freight containers, and ventilation, where no ultrasound is generated. The transmitter generates ultrasonic waves which emerge from the leaks, are detected from outside with UL Detectors.


ProbeAirborne for external sound Touch probe for internal sound
Sensitivity-65 Db/ubar at 40 KHz
Frequency RangesUL – 101 : 40KHz 1
UL – 102 : 40KHz 1 , 30KHz 1
VPX-WR : Upto 100KHz
Band Width± 2 KHz
DisplaysAlphanumeric Graphics LCD
HeadsetDynamic 32 ohm
Power Supply6 V Internal NiMH rechargeable battery
Weight175 grams
Dimension166 x 88 x 32
CaseHigh impact ABS Plastic
Operating Temp.0-50 °C
Storage Temp.-20 °C to 60 °C

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