• RECEIVER SCANNER RC – 250   download


    • Single and up to 32 input models
    • Single or multi-gas configuration
    • IP 65 housing
    • Self-integrity check
    • Simultaneous display of channel number, concentration & unit of measurement
    • Low & high alarm indication for each channel
    • Common relay output for alarm & fault
    • DC output to power transmitters
    • Selectable 0.1/1° resolution
    • Models with data logger & RS 232 / RS 485 communications
    • View all channel data & alarm status
    • Log real-time data
    • Create exportable data files


The RC-250 Series of single and up to 32 channel digital indicators sets a new standard for performance, features, value, and reliability. With built-in functionality, easy digital programmability, communications, and powerful windows based software, this economical scanner is ideal for monitoring recording and logging applications. Complete configuration of the instrument can be quickly performed from the front panel. It features easy-to-use front panel configuration, display of gas monitored, a unit with the resolution of either 0.1 or 1 and alarm limit conditions.

Export the data you gather as text to create graphs and produce hard copy reports. All active inputs can be manually selected or automatically scanned. A front panel channel indicator accompanies the displayed data of gas concentration and unit of its measurement. Individual alarm limit can be assigned to each channel. A built-in 5 A rated Form – C relay is energized, whenever the limit on any channel is exceeded. Alarm conditions can be programmed for manual acknowledgment or for automatic reset.


TypeWall mount
Detectable gases/parametersAll from transmitters
Electronics / processorMicro-controller
Power supply230 VAC
DisplayAlphanumeric / Graphic LCD / TFT Screen
AlarmLOW & HIGH visual LED alarms, adjustable
Output4 – 20 mA for each channel, 3 Alarm Relay
Digital outputRS 232 / RS 485 / Send data to memory card / USB
TechnologyAll from gas transmitters
Resolution1 %V/V, 1 %LEL, 1 PPM
Accuracy± 0.5 %
Response timeInstantaneous
Operating temperature0 – 55 °C
Input4 – 20 mA / RS – 485 from transmitter

Note: Specifications and Features will vary with application. The above are established and validated during design but are not to be construed as test criteria for every product. Due to HNL’s commitment to research, design and product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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