Portable Gas Monitor GD-150

  • PORTABLE GAS MONITOR GD – 100 download


    • Fast response Long life, heavy duty sensor resistant to poisoning
    • Fully compensated against errors, due to temperature, air velocity, non-flammable gases
    • ELF illuminating display
    • Range to suit customer specifications
    • Different tones, LOW and HIGH audible alarms
    • ‘Low battery’ visual and audible alarm
    • Simplicity of operation
    • Rugged construction
    • Dry cell or rechargeable batteries
    • Inbuilt separate charger
    • Intrinsically safe


Type Portable
Detectablegases/parameters O2,flammablegases,vapoursandhydrogen
Electronics/processor Analog
Powersupply Rechargeablebattery1.2x4Dsizewithcharger
Display NumericLCD(1999digits)
Alarm Audio/visual
Sensortechnology EC/CC/TCD
Resolution 1PPM/1%LEL/1%V/V
Accuracy ±2% forFS,0.5% O2
Responsetime Lessthan15seconds
Operatingtemperature 0-55°C
Sampling Manualaspiration
Housing/case Castaluminum
Includedaccessories Leathercase,PVCtubewithfilter,Aspirator
Dimensions 4numbersrechargablebatterywithcharger


This instrument is used to test tanks, leaks, manholes, vessels and other spaces for the presence of
explosive gas prior to giving clearance for hot jobs or personal entry.
This general purpose instrument is used for measuring or testing any area or equipment, where combustible
gases and vapours may accumulate. This compact hand-held, battery operated instrument has been engineered
and built to serve the demanding utilities. It offers the user, distinct advantages in terms of economy,
dependability, maintainability, and ease of operation.

A stable, catalytic type sensor with stainless steel frame arrestor has been used to compensate against
temperature, air velocity or non-flammable gases.
The instruments incorporate highly reliable, advanced electronic design. All active and passive
components are mounted on high quality printed circuit boards. The instrument is easy to use and fast
in response time.

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