The Portable Dust Monitor operates on the principle of Tribo – electric charge transfer. The electrical charge carried by dust particles is captured by a highly sensitive Tribo – electric probe, amplified and then transmitted to the control unit. As the current generated by the charge is proportional to the concentration of particles present, an indicative signal of dust presence results.

    • Quick & easy single point installation with no moving parts
    • Low capital & maintenance costs
    • High sensitivity
    • Can be calibrated to show emission levels in mg / m3
    • Adjustable range from 1 – 1,000 mg/m3
    • Minimum detection limit less than 1 mg/m3


Alarm Monitoring: The Portable Dust Monitor is most commonly employed as a real-time indicator of filter bag failure. The large LCD display gives an instantaneous read-out of the emissions in the form of digital read-out. The Green (Normal operations)-Yellow (Warning)-Red (Alarm) “Traffic Light” display in the control unit/logger provides an easily visible alert for the operator, even if he is not closely monitoring the unit. The yellow warning light is set to operate when emission reaches 75% of the level at which the red alarm is triggered, to allow early reaction (which can, of course, help avoid non – compliance with emissions limits or catastrophic failure).

Control unit: The control unit is mains powered & incorporates graphic display with adjustable alarm levels. It indicates dust levels at which the red LED light alarm is triggered and the emissions level at which the audible and visual alarm is triggered.


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