HNL Portable Airborne Particulate Monitor with an appropriate sample head is designed to display PM2.5 & PM10 particulate density in the air.

    Air containing Particulate is drawn through the auto – sampling head at an optimum rate. The suction is provided by a pump driven by DC Motor with dry or Rechargeable batteries.

    • 0.0 – 999.9 microgram per cubic meter range.
    • Automatic Constant flow control.
    • Resolution of 0.1 microgram per cubic meter.
    • Audio / visual alarm.
    • Digital USB output.
    • Ultra-quiet operation.


Know the air you breathe.., in industries, homes, and offices. The Portable Airborne Particulate monitor – AQ-100 ideal for PM10 & PM2.5, which makes particulate monitoring easy.

The unit monitors the air for respirable particulates, survey workplaces air quality to prevent health-related issues. It is lightweight and portable and gives instant readings in microgram per cubic meter.

It is characterized by continuous automatic measurement, real-time monitoring, and data acquisition, LASER light scattering principle. It is accurate and reliable, factory calibrated, Low cost and affordable instrument.

The other characteristics include:

1. 128 x 24 graphics display.
2. Fibre reinforced polycarbonate enclosure.
3. Automatic sampling.
4. LASER Light scattering sensor technology
5. 350 gm lightweight.
6. 1 MB data storage with data storage rate selectable every 1 Minute to 1 hour.

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