• PERSONAL AIR SAMPLER PS-101 download

    HNL Personal air sampler with an appropriate sample head is designed to collect virtually any industrial contaminant including particulate samples like dust, fibres, fumes and mists as well as vapours and gases where a high flow rate is permitted.

    Air containing contaminants is drawn through the sampling head at an optimum rate. The suction is provided by a pump driven by DC Motor with dry or Rechargeable batteries. The flow rate is variable by the user to suit the sampling techniques.

    • Rotary pump with corrosion-resistant vetted parts.
    • Automatic Constant flow control.
    • Multi-flow sampling capability.
    • Pulsation free flow.
    • Built-in flow indicator optional.
    • Ultra-quiet operation.
    • High timing accuracy of ± 0.05%.
    • Electronic flow adjuster.
    • Low battery alarm.


The pump unit has a wide flow range up to 0-3 (LPM) Litres Per Minute adjustable. The desired flow rate is pre-set and maintained constant within a tolerance of ± 5 %. When pressure drop across the filter increases as contamination builds up, the control circuit automatically senses the rising current/ demand by the motor voltage to compensate to maintain preset constant flow rate.

A unit is powered by dry cell or a re-chargeable which can be recharged in place via a socket or can be interchanged very rapidly to allow the instrument to continue sampling on consecutive shifts. A Low Battery Alarm is provided Setting of Flow rate has been made simple for the user and is settable through membrane switch is settable the flow rate over the entire range

Sampling Heads & Filters :

The sample heads used with high flow personal sampling pump fall under:

1. Filter heads and filter for retaining toxic or radioactive dust, fibres, fumes and mists.
2. Heads containing gel or liquid for retaining toxic vapours and gases.
3. Cyclone heads which separate dust into respirable and non-respirable fractions. Filter Heads & Filters
4. Date & Time
5. A simple method of collecting vapours is to absorb them in Silica Gel.

We offer user fillable Silica Gel holders with end plugs. Vapours may subsequently be stripped off for chemical analysis. Alternatively, bubbler type liquid traps may be used to absorb gases or vapours by suitable liquids. Special heads for separating respiration of the dust from larger, non-respirable particulate are available.

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