• MULTI-GAS ANALYZER GA-152   download


    • Portable, compact and rugged.
    • Complete Automatic Operation.
    • 16 Character, 2 line LCD displays messages and values through the operation of the analyzer.
    • Self-check facility and a special software ensure accurate analysis of data.
    • Standard Fuels with their parameters are preprogrammed. Others on request.
    • Battery operating period of 4 hours.
    • Inbuilt Buzzer announces various stages of operation
    • A mere Six key to operate the complete instrument.
    • Visual alarms for Low Bat, No Flow and Sensor Fault.
    • Automatic sampling & Analysis for specified periods at preset intervals –
    • completely unattended.


Compact, Portable construction and simplicity of operation makes HNL Portable Gas Analyser a valuable aid for insitute use in constantly changing measurement sites.

Its versatile modular design permits configuration and upgradation to suit specific needs. You determine the number of Sensors for your instrument from (1 to 8) or should your analyzer have a built-in printer or RS 232 Output or a smoke test probe so you pay only for what you need.

The highly upgradable GA – 152 model can be AC Powered and/or Battery operated. It may include a chargeable battery, battery charger, Sampling Probe with condensate trap and an inline Micro Filter and an inbuilt Sampling Pump. It can be built to include upto 8 Nos. of Gas Sensors and Temperature Sensor, Draft/ Pressure besides the calculated parameters and have options of :

1. Data Logger
2. Integral Printer
3. RS 232 Output
4. Date & Time
5. Facility for Automatic analysis for specified periods at preset intervals.

Self check of components and functions by special software ensures perfect functioning of the unit, thereby accurate analysis data. Any unacceptable deviation from the standard stored values is displayed as an indication “ FAULT”.

Instant Printout (with Time and Date) confirms the displayed readings that have been measured and calculated at the point of test. The instrument may also be instructed to sample and analyze for specified periods at preset intervals completely unattended. Software Package to store and analyze the data in various manners with PC XT, AT, 386, 486 and Window 7 PC.


DisplayHigh-Quality Alpha-numeric LCD. (16 characters, 2 lines)
SamplingThrough inbuilt Sampling Pump.
Zero CalibrationAutomatic at instrument start up with fresh air sample
SPAN CalibrationAutomatic span areas 1) Fresh air for oxygen
Response Time30 Seconds at 95% variation.
Power Supply110V or 220V & AC Ni-cad battery pack with integral charger.
Working Temperature-5 to 55°C
Storage Temperature-20 to 50°C
Probe LengthSS 600 mm length standard (900 & 1200 mm optional)
Probe Diameter8mm (12mm optional)
Connection Hose (Probe Unit)2.0 meters, special lengths on demand.
Battery Life6 hrs continuous operation.
Data Memory500 readings for each gas
PrinterImpact type 24 columns.
Printing Speed0.75 lines / seconds.
AlarmsVisual and audible, 4 Alarms
Digital InterfaceRS 232
User Data2 lines of 16 characters
CaseRigid Aluminum
External Dimensions280 x 210 x 185 mm
Weight (Gross)< 5 kg. with batteries (approximately)
Interference FiltersProvided with Sensors

Note: Specifications and Features will vary with application. The above are established and validated during design but are not to be construed as test criteria for every product. Due to HNL’s commitment to research, design and product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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