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    A continuous surveillance of the produced biogas is necessary to efficiently control the production process of a biogas plant. Methane (CH4), residual Oxygen (O2), Carbon-dioxide (CO2) & Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the gas stream can be measured simultaneously or singularly. Its simple automatic operation, continuous measurement and digital display of gas, make it a valuable aid for on-site instant analysis and follow up action. Its data logging and the computer interface facility is helpful for further detailed analysis in a laboratory.

    • Alarms for low, high and specific fault
    • Complete automatic operation, Self-diagnostic check
    • Mere 6 keys to operate complete instrument
    • Application specific proven sensor technologies
    • Electrochemical sensor for O2, not poisoned with CO2
    • Graphic display, date & time stamp, suction sampling
    • Specific sensor as per the measuring gas and range
    • Data logging and analog / digital output capability
    • Custom sample conditioning system


BA-200 series microprocessor-based controller analyzer, a unique blend of proven technology, innovative NDIR sensor, and powerful software possesses unparalleled performance capabilities and virtually eliminates the need for calibration gases.

It is equipped with battery backup for RAM and retains the set modes even in case of power failure. Its complete automatic operation, graphic LCD display, and its self-diagnostic check features make it completely un-attained. It is embedded with powerful software capable of performing and controlling its various functions, as well as computing the complex parameter.


  • Process surveillance of the fermentation of biogas
  • Optimization of the calorific value
  • Protection of the gas turbines from high- hydrogen sulfide concentrations
  • Differing customer-specific measuring requirements upon request
  • Quality control of biogas fed into commercial gas distribution network

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