Gas Monitoring Systems:

HNL systems pvt Ltd has a wide variety of products under the gas monitoring system category. We supply individual transmitters and receivers as parts of the gas monitoring system. The products are categorized as fixed transmitters, wireless transmitters and receiver controllers. Following is the table of the products according to the classification.

Product category

Product code Product Name

Fixed Transmitter

TX-250 Field Transmitters
TX-261 Single Gas Alarm System
STX-260 Smart Transmitters

Wireless Transmitter

TX-252 Wireless Transmitter
RP-252 Wireless Repeater

Receiver Controller

RC-200 Universal Receiver Controller
RC-201 Receiver Converter
RC-202 32 Channel Receiver Scanners
RC-250  (WP/EX) 16 Channel Receiver Scanners
RC-251 Receiver Controller
RC-252 Non Indicating Alarm
RC-253 Wireless Receiver

The fixed gas monitoring systems and Smart Transmitters available at HNL Systems are tested and quality checked for explosive, toxic, oxygen and other gases, ideal for use in laboratory and plant. The wireless transmitters are programmable to the desired parameters and are loaded with features including continuous scanning for all channels, data logging with real time clock, each channel can be configured individually and many more. There are 7 receiver controllers available as listed in the table above.  Along with exclusive software that helps gather and export the data as text and create graphs and reports. Broken Bag Detectors finds applications in a wide variety of industries where Detection and control of Dust levels is critical for the Safety, Maintenance, and Equipment operation, Plant Efficiency and/or the Environment. HNL systems have designed instruments which provide continuous round-the-clock monitoring for a variety of common atmospheric hazards. It utilizes point to point writing architectures, whereby each detector alarm/shutdown device and remote system is individually wired to the control unit. This is best choice for small systems, typically less than 20 points.