Water Quality Analyzer for Major Rivers in India


Lets begin with some of the facts related to the most precious yet the most underrated necessity for life:

  • Water covers 71%on earth surface
  • 96.5% of water is found in seas & oceans
  • 1.7% in ground water
  • 1.7% in ice caps of Antarctica & Greenland
  • 0.001% in the air as vapor only 2.5% of this water is fresh water
  • less than 0.3% of the fresh water is in river, lakes  other water bodies.

We cannot allow wastewater to be disposed of in a manner dangerous to human health and lesser life forms or damaging to the natural environment. As we all know that sewage & wastewater treatment plays a massive role in the state of the environment, where such small amount of fresh water found on the earth which is required for human usage. The environment in the widest possible sense is ever more important. The processes need to be well controlled to produce & maintain a high quality of water sources, but they also need to be optimized to minimize the energy use associated with treatment.

It is a known fact that the water quality of major rivers and water bodies in Uttar Pradesh is in a bad state. An audit has revealed that the major source of pollution in the Ganga River was due to the discharge of untreated or partially treated sewage, open drains carrying sewage and industrial waste.

HNL System’s Water Quality Analyzer is the effective solution to the growing demand for the optimization of the water treatment process with respect to discharge limits and also provides Reliable, accurate & helps in reduction of operating costs.

HNL System’s Water management proposal is distinguished by its simplicity of implementation, the flexibility of solution and easy management. We provide a wide & extensive range of water quality analyzer products that help in inspecting & monitoring the quality of water information which is required for process control.

HNL systems water quality analyzer are the multiparametric instrument with the complete range of digital sensors & expandable as per requirement. It is also equipped with the MODBUS RTU protocol, Ethernet & data logging system. In all water treatment, it is necessary to have a good, valuable and reliable monitoring device. For this requirement, we are providing analyzers with inbuilt graphical LCD display receiver on which we can monitor reading of the detected parameters for further process control.

HNL System design, manufacture & supply industry-leading online technology-based analyzers to detect & measure contaminants & biological activity in purified water & wastewater.

Following are the parameters our instrument can measure:

  • pH
  • ORP
  • UVT
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