Air Quality Control for Delhi Smog


AIR, that we are breathing is becoming the reason for deteriorating health.
Air quality in Delhi is degrading day by day. On one side various initiatives are taken up by Government to check the pollution level in the air but on the other side, things are becoming worse to breathe the air.

A recent incident happened when play was halted between India and Sri Lanka due to poor air quality. It is very embarrassing for a developing nation like India that we are not able to provide a healthy atmosphere for our citizens & guests.

Continuous Air Quality Check should be done to monitor the level of air quality which will ultimately help us to take precautionary measures to improve the air quality.
HNL Systems Pvt. Ltd. has taken the initiative and with the help of its R&D team has developed two devices which can monitor Particulate matter and Pollutant gases.
With the help of these two devises, a person can monitor the Air Quality with ease.
PAQM and AQ-102 are having latest technology with features like wifi, touch screen, data logging and other important features.
PAQM can monitor PM 2.5 and PM 10.

AQ-102 can monitor VOC, CO, CO2, PM 2.5, PM 10. It can also indicate RH & Temperature and Date & Time.

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