HNL specializes in the manufacturing, sales and after sales service ofindustrial safety and Efficiency, Human Safety and Environmental control equipment focused on:
• Explosive and Toxic monitors for Human safety and Industrial hygiene.
• Environmental control systems for pollution control, quality control and emission control applications.
• Industrial safety, preventative maintenance, leak detection and organizational productivity.
• Monitoring and diagnostic systems for process analysis, fuel efficiency, dust particulate monitoring and energy management.
• Research and Development laboratories for atomic and nuclear safety.

Our range of solutions consists of Wired and Wireless products related to:

• Gas Detectors/Monitors
• Gas Analyzer
• Explosive and Toxic Monitors
• Pollution Monitors
• Dust Particulate Monitors
• Opacity Meters
• Dew Point/Moisture Meters
• Stack Guard/Broken Bag Detectors
• Flame/Combustion Detectors
• Leak Detectors
• Thermography Services
• Energy Monitoring Systems
• Data logging and analysis via GUI application software and/or Website

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USL- series Ultrasonic Detectors work by detecting and converting the high frequency sound associated with turbulence, friction and arcing in industrial and commercial systems down 

D - 202

The advanced Micro controller technology employed makes these ALERT METERS highly dependable, reliable and accurate. The complete automatic operation and calibration feature leaves no scope for user error.